So basically

this ‘blog’ idea formed on the 27th of March 2015. The idea was for me and my two best friends to take turns and write weekly, creating collaborative blog. I started it off by creating our username (which took much longer than it should have) and signing up to an email and this WordPress account. I then wrote the first post. And the second post.

Anyways there are only two posts on this blog and it is already 2016. Clearly this idea failed, and I have no idea if anybody will notice this, but I’m taking this opportunity to continue writing. Throughout 2015, Casey Neistat inspired me to be productive, work towards my goals and dream big without anybody getting in the way of that. He recently uploaded a video:

Losers and Closers – Casey Neistat

Basically he quotes ‘always be a closer’. Always finish off the thing you start. This may be nonsense to you, but I relate to him (and MANY people I’m sure) that the idea of perfection gets in the way of productivity, and that ‘perfection’ then becomes the excuse to not do things.

So basically I’m stealing this blog.

– Evelyn


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