Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular

Credits: Perth Area

Two weeks since my visit to Perth Arena and I’m back again! This time it was a completely different show. Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular originated from Australia 8 years ago and since then has toured the world. FINALLY it has returned, and Perth got a weekend of dinosaurs! I actually only found out a week ago, and my sister got me a ticket for my birthday.

Perth Arena has got to me one of the highest arenas out there (probably to compensate for its size)

Can’t go without a Michael Bay lens flare!

And this was my view! (Before the show)

The show is based on the BBC 6-part documentary TV series. It is basically walking through a story book over the course of 200 million years with palaeontologist Huxley, as the narrator.  We are taken through history, into the Triassic, Cretaceous and most well known, Jurassic period of time.

What I loved about this show was how it was so full of factual information, verified by real life palaeontologists! The anatomy of the dinosaurs, in my opinion, were realistic and definitely gave off the vibe that they were living breathing creatures. In total, there were around 20 different dinosaurs, all phenomenal in stature. I also loved their skins. As weird as it sounds, the way the material acted as their skin was very realistic and satisfying to look at! I learned things I wouldn’t have cared about at age 8. Which brings me to my next topic – children.

I guess it’s kind of a given that this is a family show which means there will be loads of children in the audience. I didn’t mind that… until I realised the 3 kids within 5 seats of me would not stop making noise throughout the whole show. I don’t even mean talking, but they were yelling to their parents a couple seats over, and the seats in the area were shaking too!

Tyrannosaurus Rex’s can show love too 🙂

Despite that, I was able to enjoy the phenomenal show. Another thing that got my interest were the sound guys, the people operating all the sound effects especially the dinosaur roars. Seeing them operate their tech was essentially like watching them “perform” from backstage- I loved it!

A fight between a Torosaurus and it’s elder to become the new leader of its herd.

I’m so grateful Perth is stepping up its game and Perth Arena is able to host such great shows. Until next time!

– Evelyn 🙂


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