What better way to start off our blog than to introduce ourselves?

The name is Evelyn. Out of the three of us, I’m probably the crazy one. I’m a massive fangirl and find appreciation from many, many things. I enjoy music, gaming, and all cute things just to name a few. You might find a typical girl my age looking forward to getting wasted at the next party, but i’ll be counting down to the next live concert – whether it be a pop artist like Ed Sheeran, a boy band like One Direction or even my state’s symphony orchestra. One of my main interests include none other than travelling; New places are a love of mine, but the city that never fails to amaze me is Tokyo. Since featherdime gives me the opportunity to look back on all of its progress, I’m hopeful that as you learn more about me, I will too!

I want to be able to use this platform to share those strange interests with everyone and hopefully make some friends on the way. I hope this blog remains original and that I can truly express myself, with the support of my two best friends. The thought that my words could have a positive impact in a stranger’s life is fuel enough for me to let you inside my head!

A random thing that makes me happy: Watching a movie and being able to say ‘I’ve been there!’
A bad habit of mine: Giving books a home in my shelf yet never reading them…
featherdime on Evelyn: “Dreams big. Very emotional.” – Susan “Goes the distance.” – Vania

Hello, I’m Susan. Generally, I’m the quieter person, more inclined to nod than talk, and perfectly happy to listen to you blabber away. Sometimes though, restless energy takes over and the excited desire to do cannot be contained and all sorts of craziness comes out to play.
Usually, I like to explore. New places are filled with all kinds of stories, sights, smells and sounds that are fascinating to me. And I love stories. It comes easily to me to weave all sorts of imaginings from a place, a song, history or of course a book. Might mention here I’m probably the only one here that would read for leisure or without some kind of threat of imminent death.
Another thing I like is beauty. Might sound shallow perhaps but the any form of prettiness or good aesthetics merits (internal) tears of joy, songs of appreciation and tribal dancing ❤
On featherdime, I hope I will be able to unravel the sometimes knotted tangle of thoughts that clutter my mind and present it in a way that is both interesting or helpful to you. (Or just brain vomit bleh.)
Something important to me: keeping your word. Don’t say things that you don’t mean.
If I had a super power: being able to make clones would be pretty damn productive 😛

featherdime on Susan: “Loves cats. That says a lot.” – Evelyn. “Someone blessed with many talents.” – Vania.

Hey I’m Vania,

I’m all about watching my favourite TV shows, eating sweets, shopping and singing out loud when I’m home alone. My interests include fashion and beauty – I love shopping for new clothes, shoes and make up. I’m a tiny 5”1’ girl and i own 18 pairs of heels. I have a big problem of choosing to either buy black clothing or colourful ones. i hope featherdime can be a platform where i can share new things with you. Unlike Susan, one of the things I dislike is reading a book, concentrating takes so much effort when doing so and I can be pretty distracted most of the time.

Favourite season: Autumn. Not too cold and not too hot = perfect
How to contact me: Line. If people message me on anything else other than line, chances of getting a reply is very low.
featherdime on Vania: “A princess. Petite in stature, big at heart.” – Evelyn. “Little lady with a backbone. Sometimes.” – Susan.Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 8.57.33 pm


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