So basically

this ‘blog’ idea formed on the 27th of March 2015. The idea was for me and my two best friends to take turns and write weekly, creating collaborative blog. I started it off by creating our username (which took much longer than it should have) and signing up to an email and this WordPress account. I then wrote the first post. And the second post.

Anyways there are only two posts on this blog and it is already 2016. Clearly this idea failed, and I have no idea if anybody will notice this, but I’m taking this opportunity to continue writing. Throughout 2015, Casey Neistat inspired me to be productive, work towards my goals and dream big without anybody getting in the way of that. He recently uploaded a video:

Losers and Closers – Casey Neistat

Basically he quotes ‘always be a closer’. Always finish off the thing you start. This may be nonsense to you, but I relate to him (and MANY people I’m sure) that the idea of perfection gets in the way of productivity, and that ‘perfection’ then becomes the excuse to not do things.

So basically I’m stealing this blog.

– Evelyn


Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular

Credits: Perth Area

Two weeks since my visit to Perth Arena and I’m back again! This time it was a completely different show. Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular originated from Australia 8 years ago and since then has toured the world. FINALLY it has returned, and Perth got a weekend of dinosaurs! I actually only found out a week ago, and my sister got me a ticket for my birthday.

Perth Arena has got to me one of the highest arenas out there (probably to compensate for its size)

Can’t go without a Michael Bay lens flare!

And this was my view! (Before the show)

The show is based on the BBC 6-part documentary TV series. It is basically walking through a story book over the course of 200 million years with palaeontologist Huxley, as the narrator.  We are taken through history, into the Triassic, Cretaceous and most well known, Jurassic period of time.

What I loved about this show was how it was so full of factual information, verified by real life palaeontologists! The anatomy of the dinosaurs, in my opinion, were realistic and definitely gave off the vibe that they were living breathing creatures. In total, there were around 20 different dinosaurs, all phenomenal in stature. I also loved their skins. As weird as it sounds, the way the material acted as their skin was very realistic and satisfying to look at! I learned things I wouldn’t have cared about at age 8. Which brings me to my next topic – children.

I guess it’s kind of a given that this is a family show which means there will be loads of children in the audience. I didn’t mind that… until I realised the 3 kids within 5 seats of me would not stop making noise throughout the whole show. I don’t even mean talking, but they were yelling to their parents a couple seats over, and the seats in the area were shaking too!

Tyrannosaurus Rex’s can show love too 🙂

Despite that, I was able to enjoy the phenomenal show. Another thing that got my interest were the sound guys, the people operating all the sound effects especially the dinosaur roars. Seeing them operate their tech was essentially like watching them “perform” from backstage- I loved it!

A fight between a Torosaurus and it’s elder to become the new leader of its herd.

I’m so grateful Perth is stepping up its game and Perth Arena is able to host such great shows. Until next time!

– Evelyn 🙂

Surviving General Admission – Ed Sheeran’s Multiply Tour

On the 4th of April I was lucky enough to attend Ed Sheeran’s Multiply Tour. But it wasn’t so easy…

Ed is such a lad and prices all his tickets at around $100 AUD no matter where it’s seated or if you’re in the moshpit. Usually, other artists sell front row packages for up to $500 AUD! Although Ed Sheeran tickets were being sold at a low price, it meant there would be a lot of competition to get to the front. Thus, this is how my day went, along with how to have the best general admission experience!

Credits to Perth Arena
Credits to Perth Arena


The night before the concert, I packed everything so I could go first thing in the morning without having to stress. The essentials are of course:

  • Money– for food and merchandise. At concert venues, they can get pricey.
  • Ticket– for entrance! Some people forget…
  • Extra clothes– depending on the weather, this could be a rain jacket or a warm sweater. You’re going to be in line for a while..
  • Comfort items– a camping chair or picnic rug? Maybe even pillows to make yourself at home.
  • Food– since it is expensive at the venue and moving in and out of line can get hectic, it’s wise to stock up beforehand.
  • Phone/Camera– to capture the moments!
  • Power bank– your phone will not last all day. Guaranteed.
  • Water– it’s so important to stay hydrated for an event involving hundreds of people around you, especially when you’re in the mosh.
  • Anything to keep you entertained!– a whole day in line anticipating a concert can feel lengthy.


I arrived at Perth Arena at 7am in the morning! If you want to be up close and have a good spot in the mosh pit, you’ll have to come super early. I knew some people would camp out from the night before, so I wasn’t expecting to be first in line. My friends and I ended up being behind 53 people- not bad I guess. I actually found out the girls who got front and centre had stayed in line since two nights ago… Basically there will be hardcore fans who are willing to camp out a couple days just to score the best spot! Being in the front row means you won’t be nearly as affected by the pushing and shoving in the mosh pit.


This brings me back to Step 1! There were five rows of barricades to line us up in order; All full by noon. Employees made us bunch up and save space three times, so we had to pack up all out stuff. Others had to go through the struggle of unpacking tents and rolling up sleeping bags! People in line were generally friendly though; Music was played, food was shared and friendships were made.

My spot in line by noon.
My spot in line by noon.

Since I knew I’d be there for a good 13 hours, I came prepared. I brought materials to make a huge poster in hopes that Ed might notice them. I knew he posted a photo of each crowd and posted them every concert night on Instagram, so I thought I would make a poster simply to be featured on his page, so it said:

'Hello Instagram!'

On the other side were the words ‘BIRTH PLACE OF “ONE”‘. Quite a few people in line asked me what exactly that meant, and so I explained that Ed actually wrote the song ‘One’ back in 2011 in Perth! Not many people know that, and it’s something I love saying because of all 70 songs he wrote for this album, the first one that made it was the one written right here!

My signs took up most of the day, since I did a load of measuring and I was being a perfectionist with it- I literally had nothing better to do haha. Other than that, my friends and I took turns to get food and look at the merchandise.


When it comes to a few hours before the concert, play some of the songs of the artist! Playing them from 7am isn’t ideal and will annoy everyone, but having sing-alongs to get into the vibe is always appreciated. Buy some merchandise! Get pumped, because that $100 ticket isn’t just for 2 hours of entertainment, it’s for a good time. The journey is more important than the destination 😉


When its about half an hour before doors open, I suggest getting rid of everything you don’t NEED. Entering a moshpit literally means you’ll be squashed for the next couple of hours, so you don’t want your new concert programme in your backpack. I packed everything and put them in the car so by the time I was in the arena, I only had 4 things: my ticket, poster, phone and camera. No extra baggage means nothing else to worry about when theres hundreds of people potentially mugging you!


Prepare yourself. There are going to be fans everywhere trying to get to the front. Which makes no sense, if they really were dedicated they would have lined up as early as you. Nevertheless, there will always be girls pushing and acting like it’s not them… Don’t be afraid to yell at them. During the opening acts, (in my case Conrad Sewell and Jamie Lawson) people took it as an opportunity to push and shove even more. Those two hours were basically me holding onto my dear life! Unfortunately, not everyone can handle the stress of a moshpit and have to be taken out. The terrible thing is that every time somebody was taken out of the crowd by security, people would take THAT as another opportunity to get to the front. Thankfully, there’s going to be nice girls who will help you out as well. A nice girl saw that I was struggling to stand straight in my spot so she offered me a spot in front of her! As a result of the 3945783 girls pushing me, I ended up getting closer to Ed!


Finally, I made it! Waiting the whole day can get tough, but seeing Ed Sheeran in the flesh a mere 3 metres away from me, made worth every second. I have a bad habit of recording almost the entire concert, so this time I made an effort of just taking in the scene and enjoying it instead of watching through my phone. I’d have to say this concert easily makes it way to my Top 3 concerts I’ve ever attended!

Ed's Instagram (unfortunately my poster didn't last long in that crowd!)
Ed’s Instagram (unfortunately my poster didn’t last long in that crowd!)

– Evelyn 🙂


What better way to start off our blog than to introduce ourselves?

The name is Evelyn. Out of the three of us, I’m probably the crazy one. I’m a massive fangirl and find appreciation from many, many things. I enjoy music, gaming, and all cute things just to name a few. You might find a typical girl my age looking forward to getting wasted at the next party, but i’ll be counting down to the next live concert – whether it be a pop artist like Ed Sheeran, a boy band like One Direction or even my state’s symphony orchestra. One of my main interests include none other than travelling; New places are a love of mine, but the city that never fails to amaze me is Tokyo. Since featherdime gives me the opportunity to look back on all of its progress, I’m hopeful that as you learn more about me, I will too!

I want to be able to use this platform to share those strange interests with everyone and hopefully make some friends on the way. I hope this blog remains original and that I can truly express myself, with the support of my two best friends. The thought that my words could have a positive impact in a stranger’s life is fuel enough for me to let you inside my head!

A random thing that makes me happy: Watching a movie and being able to say ‘I’ve been there!’
A bad habit of mine: Giving books a home in my shelf yet never reading them…
featherdime on Evelyn: “Dreams big. Very emotional.” – Susan “Goes the distance.” – Vania

Hello, I’m Susan. Generally, I’m the quieter person, more inclined to nod than talk, and perfectly happy to listen to you blabber away. Sometimes though, restless energy takes over and the excited desire to do cannot be contained and all sorts of craziness comes out to play.
Usually, I like to explore. New places are filled with all kinds of stories, sights, smells and sounds that are fascinating to me. And I love stories. It comes easily to me to weave all sorts of imaginings from a place, a song, history or of course a book. Might mention here I’m probably the only one here that would read for leisure or without some kind of threat of imminent death.
Another thing I like is beauty. Might sound shallow perhaps but the any form of prettiness or good aesthetics merits (internal) tears of joy, songs of appreciation and tribal dancing ❤
On featherdime, I hope I will be able to unravel the sometimes knotted tangle of thoughts that clutter my mind and present it in a way that is both interesting or helpful to you. (Or just brain vomit bleh.)
Something important to me: keeping your word. Don’t say things that you don’t mean.
If I had a super power: being able to make clones would be pretty damn productive 😛

featherdime on Susan: “Loves cats. That says a lot.” – Evelyn. “Someone blessed with many talents.” – Vania.

Hey I’m Vania,

I’m all about watching my favourite TV shows, eating sweets, shopping and singing out loud when I’m home alone. My interests include fashion and beauty – I love shopping for new clothes, shoes and make up. I’m a tiny 5”1’ girl and i own 18 pairs of heels. I have a big problem of choosing to either buy black clothing or colourful ones. i hope featherdime can be a platform where i can share new things with you. Unlike Susan, one of the things I dislike is reading a book, concentrating takes so much effort when doing so and I can be pretty distracted most of the time.

Favourite season: Autumn. Not too cold and not too hot = perfect
How to contact me: Line. If people message me on anything else other than line, chances of getting a reply is very low.
featherdime on Vania: “A princess. Petite in stature, big at heart.” – Evelyn. “Little lady with a backbone. Sometimes.” – Susan.Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 8.57.33 pm